About the Oconto Falls Community Library

Library Board Members

The By-Laws for the Oconto Falls Community Library follows State Statues on Board Members. Article ll Section l states “this board, as per State Statues, shall consist of seven members.

The Mayor of the City of Oconto Falls, subject to confirmation by the City Council, will appoint six members. Of these six appointees, one will be a member of the City Council, and one will be a member of the Administrative Staff of the Oconto Falls School District. A seventh member of the Board will be appointed by the Oconto County Board of Supervisors.”

Oconto Falls Community Library

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Oconto Falls Community Library as a public service agency is to provide all residents of Oconto Falls and surrounding area, regardless of race, color, creed, or physical ability, with a comprehensive collection of materials in a variety of media that record knowledge, ideas, and culture; to organize these materials for easy access; to offer guidance and encouragement in their use; to serve the people by providing easily available sources of information, education, and recreation; and to offer programs, exhibits and events that promote individual development and enlightenment.

Library services are planned to satisfy the needs of residents both as individuals and as members of groups, with concern for all ages, backgrounds, interest, abilities and levels of education.
Head Librarians of the Cook Memorial Library

Emma Weed 1905-1908
Mrs.Degan 1908-1918
Mrs. Ed Zeren 1918-1919
Ester Reynolds 1918-1919
Miss Wood 1919-1920
Gertrude Campbell 1920
Faye Titel 1920-1921
Lulu Morrissey 1921-1923
Mable McMillan 1923
Julia O. Wood 1923-1928
Lulu Wahl 1928-1967
Faye Titel 1967-1968
Phyliss Johnson 1967-1973
Nancy Curran 1973-1974
Alice Metzler 1974-1996
Jeanne Waschbisch 1996-2005
Joan Denis 2005 to present
County Library Information
Materials and services should be sufficiently available to make the library a dependable resource for most of the people most of the time.

Furthermore, the Oconto Falls Community Library has an obligation to serve not only its current users, but to search for materials, programs, exhibits and methods that will meet the needs of members of the community that have not traditionally been library users. The Library does not restrict its materials, exhibits or program selection to traditional formats, but continuously evaluates new technologies and arts for their effectiveness as additions or improvements to the Library’s service to the community.

The Library Board consists of Amy Dessart as President. Amy has served on the Library Board since 1997. Sylvia Kamke (1988) serves as the Board Vice President. Other members are Judy Kostreva as city appointee (2016), Lawrence Kindel as city appointee (2016), Dean Hess (2015) as the School appointee, Marty Coopman (1999) is our City Representative and Joan Koehne (2015) represents the County.

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