A Look at 2007

February is Annual Report time at the Library. This used to be a long laborious report, taking days to finish, and much frustration with the adding machine. I hear this was the only time of the year that Jeannie would close the office door and want no interruptions. But with the installation of the new software program in Feb of 2006, our techies at Appleton are able to provide most of the data for the report. Oconto Falls added to our collection 2,679 books, 331 audio books, and 438 dvds. Our patrons responded by checking out 56,589 adult items and 18,863 children items for a total of 75,452 items, an 11% increase over 2006. As with any business, growth presents it own problems, mainly in staff. But at the Library, we will continue to provide the best service that we can and continue to meet the needs of our Patrons.
What is in store for us in 2008? More great books and dvds. We will venture further into audio materials such as audio books and music cds. And we are experimenting with games for X-box, Playstation, Wii and Ninendo.
March will be Youth Art Month at the Library. We will be hosting a raffle, thanks to the Chamber for allowing us to use their raffle license, and we just got word from DPI that the bandwith to the library will be increased this month. We will also soon be connecting with area businesses about supporting our Summer Reading Program.
2008 looks to be a GREAT year for the Oconto Falls Community Library.