Butterflies at the Library

This summer five caterpillars came to the library and left as butterflies. What a metamorphosis. It was all very exciting. The Adults were more interested than the kids. At one hatching, we had six adults standing around and waiting. The Monarchs were released to our flower garden outside.

The Library is a COOL Place

We all remember the past summers where the library was not a cool place to be. By July and August our cooling system could not keep up with demand. This year our Library Board voted to replace the cooling and heating sytem in the library. We recieved grants from Focus on Energy and USDA Rural Facilities. On 3 hot days in July Johnson Controls came in and shut down any coolant that we had and installed the new system. So now we are nice and cool. Some would even say cold. I tell them to put a sweater on. Mark Desremaux, a local resident, works for Johnson Controls and headed the project. Pictured is Mark and Gordy in their ‘protective gear’.