Cupino Joins the Library Board

The January 14th meeting of the Oconto Falls Library Board began with a special welcome to its newest member, Consuelo Cupino. Board members typically serve three year terms. This is an exciting time for Oconto Falls Library as the possible formation or expansion of Joint Library Boards is under consideration by municipalities.

A New Year a the Library

The ringing in of the New Year brought new budgets for 2013.What can you as customers expect from the library this year? Our budget from the County and the City remains stable. Though we face many increases in expenses, we were able to maintain our Collection Development budget. This year will be no exception. We will continue with the new releases, find some new authors, and continue to improve our backlist titles. Because of InfoSoup, books not at Oconto Falls Library can be ordered from other Libraries. When you order books through InfoSoup, they will not come from a Brown County Library. Brown County is not a part of our sharing network. The books we are charged for are those people who walk into a Brown County Library and check out books. So save the taxpayers some money and visit your local library.

Many people received e-readers for Christmas. Yes, you can check out books through the library for your e-reader. Stop in and ask if you have questions or need help. Do we fear e-reader usage? No, the actual numbers of books checked out by e-readers are low. It reinforces our opinion people want to hold a book in their hands. E-readers are great for travel or on the go.

So looking for something new to read? Check out Oconto Falls Community Library!