Road Construction Begins in Oconto Falls

This is the second year of road construction on Highway 22 going through Oconto Falls. We will have a rocky road ahead of us this summer. The basic schedule for construction starts next week at Highland Drive and Chestnut. That intersection will be closed for three weeks. If coming from the east, use County I and from the west use Highland Drive or Cherry St. Construction will continue down Chestnut to Union. This is to be finished by Aug 3rd. Business may have limited access for small period of time. But even though road closed signs are up, Downtown is open and you can get to the Hospital from downtown until Aug 3rd. After August 3rd, construction will start on Main Street to Cherry. Business may have limited access for short periods of time. Final phase is Cherry to Highland, no road closures but lane changes. Completion date is October 31st. We will be update every two weeks and I will post updates on Oconto Falls Library FCITY MAPSTH 22 staging-2acebook page. Check maps below if you have questions.