Gardening With Scott


Spring is around the corner and our seed catalogs are on the table. You can also tell its spring when Scott Reuss, Crops/Soils/Horticulture Agent for the Marinette/Oconto County UW-Extension, comes to the library.

We have three programs planned. Thursday Feb 18th at 6:30 Small Space Vegetable Gardening. Raising vegetables does not require a huge space. With proper attention to soil health, plant selection and spacing, and plant management principles, you can achieve high quality and high yields from small spaces. We will talk about small spaces of all types, from flat-ground gardens to raised beds and containerized vegetables.

On March 17th at 6:30 is Raising Tomatoes, Peppers and Relatives. This session will focus on what it takes to successfully grow tomatoes, peppers and eggplants, but with the option to ask questions and have discussion of potato production, as well.

On Thursday April 14th at 6:30 will be Beginning Vegetable Gardening. Are you new or relatively new to vegetable gardening? If so, join the discussion of the principles you can use to successfully grow your own home-grown vegetables. We will focus on how to prepare the site; what to plant that is easier to manage and more likely to have success in a new garden; and then relay the pests your plants may experience. Bring your questions and concerns for this open discussion.

All sessions are free.