July/August on the Home Front 1917


Ladies of the local Red Cross Society have just finished 36 ‘comfort kits’ for the members of Company M who have enlisted from this village. The kits include three handkerchiefs, folding drinking cup, pair 4 inch scissors, hair comb and case, needle case and assorted needles, ball of darning yarn, two spools of thread, one package of pins, card of safety pins, circular hand mirror, package shoe strings, cake of Ivory Soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, button bag containing assorted buttons and thimbles. These kits cost $1.59 for a total of $57.24. Ladies have $20.00 and are looking for donations.

A few weeks ago Falls Manufacturing erected a 20X30 foot flag in the courtyard. The men of the mill feel that the flag represents management and would like their own flag. The men put together their own money and management agreed to hang flag at the peak of the paper mill.

A silo building campaign has begun by the Wisconsin Experiment Association to encourage farmers to build silos to preserve food for cattle. Because of the late spring, the need of the economy due to war conditions, silos will help maintain the dairy output of the state.

Company M has begun training of newly enlisted men from the area. A large number of people lined the streets of Oconto Falls as 38 men in autos depart to join Company M.

Dr. G.W. Kran has received notice of his appointment to serve in the Medical Corp of the Wisconsin National Guard. He accepted his commission with the rank of First Lieutenant.

American women have been asked by the American Chemical Society to stop buying platinum for jewelry. The precious metal is needed for explosives.

July 27th Washington makes first draft drawing. 50 names selected to fill Oconto County’s quota.

2,800 sheep have been killed in northern Wisconsin by dogs. Meat and wool are in demand and the states want counties to prevent further loss.

A Lumberjack Regiment for early service in France is now being recruited locally because of the importance in the area. The duty of this regiment will be to get out timber needed by the armies for trench building, railroad ties, bridge timbers and cordwood. The work will be performed behind battle lines but may fall in danger zone.

Don’ts for sock knitters. Don’t cast on too tightly. Don’t knot your wool. Don’t make a heel with a seam on the sole. Remember a man may not be able to change his socks for several days and a lump or knot may bring on a blister. Don’t use black, dark or bright colored yarn as there is a danger of poisoning. Don’t make foot less than 11 inches.

August 3rd Company M receives orders to mobilize and head for Camp Douglas. Troops leave on a special train. 3,000 people from the area goes to Oconto to see them off.

Local Red Cross calls for nurses and supplies for hospitals.

Boys of Wisconsin are raising a volunteer army of hens.

Major Hall, of Company M, is selected to command First Battalion of the Wisconsin National Guard soon to go to France.