Internet Use Policy

Oconto Falls Community Library
Internet Acceptable Use Policy

The Library Board of Oconto Falls Community Library has established this policy to ensure appropriate use of the Internet resources within the library.
The Library has provided workstations for free public access to the internet as an informational, educational, and recreational resource. The Library expects that all use of electronic information resources such as the internet will be responsible and ethical, consistent with the purpose for which these resources are provided. Using resources for educational, informational, and recreational purposes only, not for unauthorized, illegal, or unethical purposes.

  • Users are required to respect the privacy of others, not misrepresent oneself as another user, not attempt to modify or gain access to files, passwords, or data belonging to others, not seek unauthorized access to any computer system, damage or alter software components of any network or database.
  • Not make unauthorized copies of copyrighted or licensed software or data.
  • Not send, receive, or display text or graphics which may reasonably be construed by Library staff as offensive to the public.
  • Cannot connect personal laptop to the library network.

Through the internet, access is available to information and ideas that can be personally, professionally, and culturally enriching, but all sources of information are not accurate, complete, or current. The library has no control over, nor does it monitor, or accept responsibility for materials on the internet. The library disclaims any liability or responsibility arising from access or use of information obtained through its electronic information systems, or consequences resulting from it. The authority to determine what is illegal content rests with the courts as defined in Wisconsin State and federal laws. If any patron feels that information obtained via library terminals is inaccurate or offensive, they should contact the original producer or distributor of the information.
Users must use the Internet at their own risk, realizing that beyond the library’s home page and supporting documents, they may find material that they consider offensive. The library does not serve in place of a parent and cannot act in the place of a parent in providing supervision of children on the Internet. Parents or guardians are responsible for what minors read or view on the Internet.
Children under the age of 12 must have a parent present when they use the library computers.
Library staff may impose restrictions, such as time limits, on the use of library equipment. While respecting individual users’ right to privacy, Library staff reserves the right to monitor use of Internet workstations to ensure compliance with this policy. Staff may ask users to remove themselves from library equipment if they observe any behavior, which they judge to be in conflict of Internet access privileges. Patrons who are warned about viewing sites offensive to the public may lose internet privileges at Oconto Falls Library and an Internet Revoke message put on their account.
Wireless Internet Accessibility; The Library expects patrons to configure their own equipment and cannot guarantee that you will connect. The Library is not responsible for any loss or damage to personal equipment. WIFI is less secure than a wired network. The Library does not offer laptops or peripheral equipment (wireless network cards, cables, printers, etc) to the public. Staff may require patrons who fail to comply with the library’s Internet Policy to terminate their wireless session and leave the Library building.

Revised: April 11, 2007
Revised January 23, 2009
Revised June 2, 2014
Revised April 24,2017

Adopted by the Oconto Falls Community Library Board
March 21, 2004