Materials Policy

Materials Policy of the Oconto Falls Community Library

Materials Selection/Collection Development Policy

Revised Aug 2010

A. Objectives

The purpose of the Oconto Falls Community Library is to provide all individuals in the community with carefully selected books and other materials to aid the individual in the pursuit of education, information, research, pleasure, and the creative use of leisure time.

Because of the volume of publishing, as well as the limitations of budget and space, the library must have a selection policy with which to meet community interests and needs.

The materials selection/collection development policy is used by the library staff in the selection of materials and also serves to acquaint the general public with the principles of selection.

The Library Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read has been endorsed by the Oconto Falls Community Library Board of Trustees and are an integral part of the policy.

The Materials selection/collection development policy, like all other policies, will be reviewed and/or revised as the need arises.

B. Responsibility for Selection

The Ultimate responsibility for selection of library materials rests with the library director who operates within the framework of the policies determined by the Oconto Falls Community Library Board of Trustees. This responsibility may be shared with other members of the library staff; however, because the director must be available to answer to the library board and the general public for actual selections made, the director has the authority to reject or select any item contrary to the recommendations of the staff.

C. Criteria for Selection

1. The main points considered in the selection of materials are:

a. individual merit of each item
b. popular appeal/demand
c. suitability of material for the clientele
d. existing library holdings
e. budget
2. Reviews are a major source of information about new materials. The primary sources of reviews are Publishers Weekly, Baker and Taylor, Library Journal, Booklist, and CCBC.
3. The lack of a review or an unfavorable review shall not be the sole reason for rejecting a title which is in demand. Consideration is, therefore, given to requests from library patrons and books discussed in public media. Materials are judged on the basis of the work as a whole, not on a part taken out of context.


Interlibrary loan (ILL) is a borrowing privilege available to residents of Oconto County. While not every item will be available, Oconto Falls Community Library does its best to meet the needs of most users. ILL Users must have their account in good standing and may only have 5 ILLs in progress at any one time. This service allows patrons to borrow materials that are not available through Infosoup. This Includes:
• Books
• Magazine Articles
• Videos/DVDs
• CDs
• Recorded Books
• Microfilm from State Historical Society
Loaning Libraries
The main sources of materials are public and academic libraries of Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. These libraries are connected via a van delivery network that runs daily between the states and their hubs.

Materials are not available for ILL:
• Items available on Infosoup
• Items published in the previous four months
• Videogames, Software
• Reference and Genealogy Material- Some specific items may be available to be photocopied
• Textbooks
• Magazines-Some specific items may be available to be photocopied
Outside of the 4-state van delivery, the Oconto Falls Community Library is responsible for returning items to loaning libraries at our own expense. Due to this, these additional items are not available outside the 4-state area:
• Paperbacks/Novels
• AV material used for entertainment
• Material only available out of the United States
• Limited availability in the United States
If Patron still wishes these items, attempt will be made to order and patron must pay shipping costs to return item to owning library

Transit Time
The Oconto Falls Community Library has no control over the length of time it takes for ILL items to arrive. Many variables are involved, such as: availability, lending policies of the loaning libraries and number of libraries that own the item.

Checkout Period
The due date and opportunity for renewal is determined by the loaning library. If a renewal is needed, the request must be made 4 days before the item’s due date. An item may be renewed only once.

Cost of ILL
There is not direct charge to the patron for ILL services (except shipping charges to items not in four state area). Borrowers are responsible for any overdue charges, damages to items, or lost items. Charges for lost or damaged items are determined by the loaning library.

E. Gifts and Donations

The library accepts gifts of books and other materials with the understanding that they will added to the collection only if appropriate and needed. If they are not needed because of duplication, condition, or dated information the director can dispose of them as he/she sees fit. The same criteria of selection will be applied to materials purchased as gifts. Memorial gifts of books or money are also accepted with suitable bookplates placed in the book. Specific memorial books can be ordered for the library on request of a patron if the request meets the criteria established by the Board. It is desirable for gifts of or for specific titles to be offered after consultation with the library director. Book selection will be made by the director if no specific book is requested. The Oconto Falls Community Library encourages and appreciates gifts and donations. Historical items donated will be reviewed by the Director and /or Board for acceptance. Historical items loaned to the library for display will be reviewed by the Director and / or Board.

By law, the library is not allowed to appraise the value of donated materials, though it can provide an acknowledgment of receipt of the items if requested by the donor.

F. WeedingAn up-to-date, attractive and useful collection is maintained through a continual withdrawal and replacement process. Replacement of worn volumes is dependent upon current demand, usefulness, more recent acquisitions, and availability of newer editions. This ongoing process of weeding is the responsibility of the library director and is authorized by the Board of Trustees. Withdrawn materials will be handled in a similar manner and under the same authority as donated materials.

G. Potential Problems or Challenges

The Oconto Falls Community Library recognizes that some materials are controversial and that any given item may offend some patrons. Selection of materials will not be made on the basis of anticipated approval or disapproval, but solely on the basis of the principles stated in this policy.

Responsibility for reading of children rests with their parents or legal guardians. Selection of library materials will not be inhibited by the possibility that materials may come in the possession of children.

Library materials will not be marked or identified to show approval or disapproval of their contents, and no library material will be sequestered except to protect it from damage or theft.

H. Objection Procedure.
The Staff member receiving a complaint shall try to resolve the issue formally. The staff should
• Explain the library’s selection procedure, selection criteria, and the qualifications of the persons who made the selection.
• Explain the place that the material in in question occupies in the library program and its intended use. Director can be involved at this point.
• Keep a written record of the complaint including the name of the complainant, title of the material, description of the complaint and synopsis of the events.
• Report the complaint to the Director on the same day it is received.

I. Challenged Materials

Although materials are carefully selected, there can be differences of opinion regarding suitable materials. Patrons requesting that material be withdrawn from or restricted within the collection may complete a “statement of Concern About Library Resources” form which is available in the library. The inquiry will be placed on the agenda of the next regular meeting of the Oconto Falls Community Library Board of Trustees.