FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) to Oconto Falls Community Library

What age can a child get a library card? Children over the age of seven can get a library card with parent or guardian. Parent or guardian must have a Wisconsin State driver license or state ID with current address. If not a current address, bring a piece of mail with address on, such as a utility bill.

I just moved to the area, how can I get a library card? Must have Wi State driver license or a State ID. Without license or ID, you can get a community card. Community card limits the number of checkouts at Oconto Falls Library and can be used to log onto the public use computers.

Can others use my card? This practice is not recommended. But if you want someone to pick up your items or check out items, call us and we can put a message on your account. But you are financially responsible for items and fines on your account.

How long does the card last? We renew the library card every year. This gives us the opportunity to update your account. If you have not used your card in three years and there is no fines on the account, your card will be purged from the system.

What if I lose my card?  Call us immediately. You can use your driver’s license until card is confirmed lost. A replacement card is issued for $3.00.

Can we checkout or return items to other libraries? Yes. You may return items at the public libraries in these counties: Outagamie, Waupaca, Shawano, Door, Florence, Oneida, Marinette, Kewaunee, Menominee, Oconto, and the Oneida Reservation.

How long can items be checked out and what are the fines for overdue items? DVDs and games are for one week and fines are .50 a day. Short Loans, CDs and magazines are 14 days. All other items are 28 days and .10 a day. You will be given a receipt each time you check items out with due dates.

Does the library use a collection agency? Yes, starting in December 2016, the library began sending patron accounts to Unique Management, a collection agency specializing in libraries. Patron will accounts over $50.00 with billed items and fines can be sent to the collection agency.

How am I notified on holds and overdue items? The best way for notification is to sign up for Shoutbomb, a text messaging system or use your email. You will get texts for holds, a courtesy notice before an item is overdue, overdue notices and bills. If you wish phone calls, you will get a call when your hold is in, you will get second overdue notice, first bill and a phone call.

Do you have public use computers? Yes, we have 8 public computers with printing. Prints are black and white and .25 per page. We have WiFi but no printers available. Kids under the age of 12 are not allowed to use public computers without a parent present.

Does the Library have a meeting room available for the public? Yes. Non Profits are free and for profit must pay $20.00 for first 3 hours and over is another $20.00. A Meeting Room agreement must be signed when using the room.

Does the library have a fax machine? Yes, cost is $1.00 per page. We also can scan documents and send them to you via email. $1.00 per email. We do not have a photo quality printer.

Why does Oconto County pay Brown County for library usage? Brown County bills Oconto County residents who live in areas without a library and are using a Brown County Library. Yes, every resident in Oconto County pays a library tax through their townships. But residents in towns without a library tax money goes into a general library fund and not a specific library. Therefore Brown can charge those residents if they walk into a Brown County Library and check out materials. There has been some revisions in the law. We can now charge Brown County but we do not have many Brown County residents using Oconto County Libraries.